Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of upkeep does Palmex tropical roofs require?

    A very reassuring answer: Palmex roofs requires practically no upkeep! Dirt from birds, twigs from tress, etc. will disappear with the first rainfall, or with the pressure from a stream of water. The high quality polymer used in the manufacuring of the synthetic palm leaves confers an exceptional protection against insects and all other destructive organisms.

  • Do the synthetic palm leaves from the tropical roofs give off an odor?

    The intrinsic properties of the polymers used manufacturing of the synthetic palm leaves will not tolerate any foreign element, whether chemical or organic. The absolute neutrality of the polymer used by Palmex’s tropical roofs is proven in its daily use as water jerry cans, milk cans, gas, etc.

  • How do Palmex tropical roofs react to wind?

    Because of both their quantity and density, the synthetic palm fronds tied to each other already provide a considerable collective weight. In addition, attaching the rails to the trusses also increases the strength of the construction. Clips are nevertheless available and suggested at certain latitudes.

  • How does Palmex react to the strongest winds?

    Attaching clips offers a better guarantee against very high winds. For winds from tropical storms, the flexibility of the synthetic leaves becomes a very efficient safety factor. In extreme wind conditions, the palm leaves under attack let the excess wind pressure through in order to eliminate the devastating delta effect that is so well known in roof construction circles.

  • What guarantees are offered against fire?

    Perfected by Palmex, the fireproof material we use to make the synthetic palm leaves is rated at V0 in Canadian and US standards. It therefore respects the rules in effect for the construction of buildings and roofs in public locations.

  • What are the advantages of Palmex tropical roofs as far as the installation is concerned?

    As far as the installation of a tropical thatch roof is concerned, a very large saving of time is the main advantage of Palmex's products. The installation of our roofing products even when they require some technical skills are still easy to install on all existing surfaces. Roof installation instructions will be supplied by the merchant. The installation of a roof will always remain a meticulous operation that must be carefully carried out in order to profit from a more durable protection for your tropical roof.

  • What is the lifespan of Palmex's synthetic palm leave roofs?

    When roofing is installed in conditions advocated by the manufacturer, Palmex's texture and composition are guaranteed for 20 years, and its color, 15 years. The synthetic palm leaves' color variation is guaranteed, with an average loss of 1% per year. The process of premature ageing in the factory offers a better guarantee of conserving the colour of the palm leaves.

  • What about noise during a rainstorm?

    In heavy rain, Palmex tropical roofs offer a distinctive resistance to resonance. The polymer base allows the water to slide off the synthetic palm leaves quickly and without resistance. The contour of the palm leaves and their quantity allows an incomparable drainage.

  • What insures protection from heat?

    The number of air cavities located between each synthetic palm frond insures protection from the heat of the sun. This tropical thatch roof's characteristic offers a very pleasing result when compared to any other known concept.