Exotic decor that sets you to dreaming

An easy way to brighten up your garden, terrace, bar or gazebo.

Whether your project involves a huge exotic garden or just a new roof for a shed or cabin, with Palmex tropical roofing material you’re sure the result will be resistant, waterproof and protective thanks to unique patented technology. You’ll also enjoy a unique tropical look.

A thousand and one exotic decors

For commercial facilities that stand out!

For anything from a simple beach to a hotel complex, Palmex provides a marked improvement in the esthetics of interior or exterior decoration of your locale by adding the warm, exotic ambience of the Tropics. Just imagine, your terrace with exotic umbrellas…. Improve the look of your bar with an original roof…. Let your tanning salon remind clients of the tropical ambience of the Caribbean….

Huge selection of exotic custom-made parasols

Personalize your garden with a palm garden umbrella!

Recreate that tropical vacation feeling with one of our palm parasols! Choose the size of table and umbrella, the wood for the frame, the type of pole, and the style of synthetic palm leaves. We will manufacture your custom tropical parasol to measure.


Camping plage Blanchet, Desbiens, Lac Saint-Jean.

An exotic gazebo for a tropical ambience

A type of roofing material new to Québec

Our gazebo roofs come in a wide variety of models, sizes and prices. For a unique gazebo that will be the envy of your neighbours, choose synthetic palm leaf technology in the colour of your choice.