Exotic decor that sets you to dreaming

An easy way to brighten up your garden, terrace, bar or gazebo.

Whether your project involves a huge exotic garden or just a new roof for a shed or cabin, with Palmex tropical roofing material you’re sure the result will be resistant, waterproof and protective thanks to unique patented technology. You’ll also enjoy a unique tropical look.

Original decor that offers exotic style?

Yes you can, with our custom-made tropical roofs!

Specially designed to attract the glances of passers-by, our exotic decor will have your clients dreaming! To set yourself apart from the ordinary, add some South Seas ambience to your decor.

Brighten up your life with a tropical parasol

Transform your terrace into an exotic garden!

Discover the innovative architectural shapes of our parasols made of synthetic palm leaves. Perfectly in harmony with nature, our custom parasols – exact replicas of natural palm leaves – offer a subtle mix of traditional and modern. They are truly unique!

Custom tropical gazebo

Pergolas, pavilions, decks… Try an exotic note!

Enjoy the beautiful spring, summer and fall days longer with a personalized model of gazebo reminiscent of the tropical ambience of the Southern Seas.