High-tech materials . . . for a natural look

Synthetic palm leaves: strong, waterproof and safe

Palmex Canada offers an exceptionally high quality material that substitutes for natural palm leaves. The patented polyethylene artificial palm leaves technology by Palmex International guarantees that all its tropical roofing is strong, waterproof, and sun protected.

Much stronger than natural leaves

The polymer used in the design of Palmex synthetic palm leaves, plus our unique roofing installation technique, ensures cooler temperatures under your exotic roof and resistance to winds of up to 170 km/h. The fact that the materials are fireproof, meeting the higher standards imposed in many countries, makes our roofing extremely safe.

High-tech materials

  • Polyethylene
  • Anti-UV treated as a solid
  • Coloured as a solid
  • Highly resistant
  • Heat moulded. 100% recyclable
  • Meets Canadian standards

Bora Bora / Aloha

  • Attaches directly to the framework
  • Installs on tracks
  • Available in a fireproof version
  • Charming and esthetically pleasing

Domingo / Rio

  • Attached to wood panels
  • Imitates a classic ceiling
  • Available in a fireproof version

Palma Cana

  • Small-format leaves
  • Suit small-surface roofs (gazebos, arbours, parasols)
  • Fast, easy installation